Saturday, July 25, 2015

Racist Democrats and Planned Parenthood

The left likes to talk about racism.  A lot.  Rarely, though, is the notion defined.  Often the idea is that--whatever racism is--there can be racism even if there are no racists (there are racist "structures," "institutions," and the like).  I take this to be an absurd and unjustified extension of the term "racism," but perhaps the left has so distorted the meaning of the term that "racism" is now properly attributable to groups of people who individually do not harbor racist sentiments and motives.  Suppose that is true.  Then so is the following:

If we use disparate impact analysis to locate and root out structural racism--as the Obama administration used in Ferguson--then given (a) the high percentage of minorities killed by Planned Parenthood compared to whites and (b) the high percentage of abortion clinics in or near minority communities, Planned Parenthood is surely the most racist organization in America.  And given the Democrats' strong support for abortion and Planned Parenthood, the Democratic Party is arguably the most racist party in the U.S.  The death statistics speak for themselves.

So the next time racism comes up, it might be worth beginning the conversation with a discussion of the most racist organizations in the country and what is to be done about them.

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