Thursday, December 3, 2015

Military Opening up ALL Combat Roles to Women


Well of course they will open all combat jobs to women.  I predicted it.  This has been a foregone conclusion for years in spite of any and all empirical studies or lack thereof.  Because the issue has never ever been about making the U.S. stronger militarily (as if the Navy Seals have really been slacking recently.)  The left loathes the U.S. and would love to have it knocked down a few pegs.

When is the last time you heard someone on the left complaining that our military is not strong enough?  When have you heard the Chomskys say that they want a stronger U.S. military and military presence in the world?  It's not about making the military stronger, as Obama the feckless and mendacious promises, it's about fundamentally changing America as progressives want to change it.  The '60's sexual revolutionaries are the institution.


  1. From the article linked:
    ""All-male squads, the study found, performed better than mixed gender units across the board. The males were more accurate hitting targets, faster at climbing over obstacles, better at avoiding injuries.
    "The Marine study says its main focus is maximum combat effectiveness, because it means fewer casualties. "

    "Maximum combat effectiveness"? But that's completely unfair! Surely the point of Marines and other combat troops is to provide opportunities to prove equality, and to celebrate human diversity.