Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Radical Democratic Party

If you listen to the mainstream media, you'd get the sense that Ted Cruz is a "radical" and that there are fewer and fewer "moderates" in the Republican Party.  This is the great lie of the left.

More charitably it is the great blunder of the left blinded by their love of Hillary and Bernie.  There is an easy explanation.  A Democratic journalist working for NPR thinks of himself or herself as normal.  As mainstream.  As having the correct political opinion.  As above the fray.  He then naturally  identifies with Hillary.  He's moderate.  She's moderate.  They are both moderate.  Bernie is a little more extreme than Hillary but neither are extremists like Ted Cruz.

But they are the extremists.  Historically, Ted Cruz has far more in common with presidents of the past than Hillary Clinton.  Gay marriage?  Unthinkable.  Bisexuality as morally permissible and upstanding?  Unthinkable.  Zero restrictions on abortion?  Taking away the rights of citizens not to pay for health insurance?  Nuts.  More and more growth of the federal government?

Whenever a Democrat breaths the word "extremist" remind them that a socialist--a socialist--might very well capture their party's nomination.  And remind them that Barack Obama was recognized by the non-partisan National Journal as the most liberal (i.e. leftwing) senator in 2007 before he was elected president; even the leftist mag Mother Jones recognized he was no moderate.

More ammo.

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