Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are You Liberal? Take the Test and See!
Anyone want to debate?  I'd say "no" to all of them with the exception of 14.  I plead ignorance about that one. Not sure about 6 either, since a case can be made for isolationism.

You say you are a liberal.

Do you believe the following?
1.Standards for admissions to universities, fire departments, etc. should be lowered for people of color.
2.Bilingual education for children of immigrants, rather than immersion in English, is good for them and for America.
3.Murderers should never be put to death.
4.During the Cold War, America should have adopted a nuclear arms freeze.
5.Colleges should not allow ROTC programs.
6.It was wrong to wage war against Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War.
7.Poor parents should not be allowed to have vouchers to send their children to private schools.
8.It is good that trial lawyers and teachers unions are the two biggest contributors to the Democratic Party.
9.Marriage should be redefined from male-female to any two people.
10.A married couple should not have more of a right to adopt a child than two men or two women.
11.The Boy Scouts should not be allowed to use parks or any other public places and should be prohibited from using churches and synagogues for their meetings.
12.The present high tax rates are good.
13.Speech codes on college campuses are good and American values are bad.
14.The Israelis and Palestinians are morally equivalent.
15.The United Nations is a moral force for good in the world, and therefore America should be subservient to it and such international institutions as a world court.
16.It is good that colleges have dropped hundreds of men's sports teams in order to meet gender-based quotas.
17.No abortions can be labeled immoral.
18.Restaurants should be prohibited by law from allowing customers to choose between a smoking and a non-smoking section.
19.High schools should make condoms available to students and teach them how to use them.
20.Racial profiling for terrorists is wrong -- a white American grandmother should as likely be searched as a Saudi young male.
21.Racism and poverty -- not a lack of fathers and a crisis of values -- are the primary causes of violent crime in the inner city.
22.It is wrong and unconstitutional for students to be told, "God bless you" at their graduation.
23.No culture is morally superior to any other.
Those are all liberal positions. How many of them do you hold?


  1. Aw geez, gimme a break. #14?!?!?! You've been reading the drivel put out by Wolterstorff...PUH-LEASSSEEE...

    That alone may require that I revoke your conservative communist-in-sheeps-clothing!!!

  2. Let me find you a nice pair of pink-and-purple-polka-dotted-panties so that you can go cry with the rest of the _PLO_!!!!!!!! You and Arafat's spawn can whine and complain about how your TERRORIST POLICIES aren't working quite as well as you had envisioned...

    And here I thought I was on a conservative website...I didn't know TROLLS WERE ALLOWED TO POST ON A CONSERVATIVE BLOG?!?!?!?! WHERE IS THE REAL TULLIUS?!??!! WHERE?!?!?!?!

    Oh dear...was Tullius on that Malaysian airliner?!?!?!?

    I am so saddened that...I'm about to watch more BREAKING BAD to cheer up!!!

  3. Somehow I KNEW that was going to draw a comment! Notice that the question is 'what do you believe' which is consistent with withholding belief due to lack of evidence. Not everyone is like you and knows about the affairs of all the citizens throughout history! :)

    But is one man's terrorist another man's freedom fighter? Only if you're a moron.

  4. I said "no" to all except 2, 6, and 14. I didn't say "no" to 6 and 14 because of ignorance. I wasn't very old when the Gulf War happened, and although I remember Stormin' Norman, I don't really know enough about what happened to say whether it was right or wrong to wage war on Saddam.

    I think 14 is a "probably no" for me, but, let's be honest here. The Israelis are not moral saints, and they've done downright nasty things to the Palestinians. Having said that, the Israeli government does not shoot missiles into the West Bank day after day. They do not send young men into pizza parlors, loaded with explosives and shrapnel, to kill innocent families. (I've walked past neighborhoods that were bombed...kinda creepy).
    They do continue to violate international agreements by continuing to expand settlements in the West Bank, though.

    I really want to say "no" to #2, but I think "yes" is probably right. My wife, who worked with bilingual families while we lived in TX, says that children of immigrants learn to function much quicker if they are educated in both English and their native tongue. They end up learning to read and write in English much more quickly if they learn to read and write in their native language so that they can translate between the two.

  5. Do you think the Gulf War could be characterized as a "just war?"

  6. Yeah, I think the first Gulf War was a just war. If Hussein violated terms of peace then there's a case to be made that the second "war" was just an extension of the first and was also just. But if the 2nd war is really a different war then, among other things, it doesn't seem to satisfy the imminent threat condition.

  7. 2 is somewhat ambiguous depending on the extent of the immersion. But, yeah, there might be some value in a bilingual education as you suggest. My libertarian sensibilities CERTAINLY don't incline me to want anything like an official national language. I think knowing more than one language can be a great thing. But at the same time my worry is that a bilingual education would hurt cultural assimilation and amplify division, hurting America. I don't care what that language is, but if one people don't speak one language it's really hard to be a unified people.