Monday, March 10, 2014

Cake Baker vs. Politically Correct Fascists Redux

Suppose you are an owner of a store that makes signs.  Professional signs unlike these:

And suppose a member of the local KKK comes to your sign shop dressed like a ghost asking you to make a sign directing fellow KKK members down the street to the next cross burning.  Do you have a right to refuse to make the sign?  Yes you do.  It is your business, and any sign you make is your property until an exchange is made.  It is not the property of the KKK nor is it the property of the government nor is it the property of all U.S. citizens.

Suppose you own a barbershop and are sick of potheads coming in stoned to get haircuts.  Or suppose you just think smoking pot is wrong or unhealthy and want to send a message.  Do you have a right to refuse service if someone smells of pot like this barber here?  Yes you do.  It is YOUR business.

If there is anything parallel to the Jim Crow laws of days past, it is not the current Arizona bill (that lefties refer to as the "anti-gay bill") which simply would restore legal property rights or rights of conscience to their proper state.  The parallel is with current laws on the books which strip property rights by mandating discrimination--discrimination against anyone with a business who is not politically correct.  Adam MacLeod nails it.

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