Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fight Hunger With McDoubles

I've been hearing a lot about fighting hunger in the U.S. recently--not starvation, mind you, as in the Sally Struthers's commercials from the 80's, but hunger.  Now we shouldn't be deceived, here, like many are when they hear lefties talk about the "health" of a woman and think "life" of a woman when discussing whether a woman's health is at risk if she doesn't have an abortion.  "Health" means health (even if the left uses the term as a weasel word) and "hunger" means hunger.  (If "hunger" means starvation or malnutrition, why would people say "hunger"?)

According to Feeding America, millions of Americans are at risk of being hungry and 1 in 6 risk hunger.  To my mind, these numbers seem too low.  I've been at risk of being hungry numerous times lately and know plenty of others who have as well.  In fact, I've actually succeeded in being hungry multiple times (occasionally on purpose!)

So what should be done to fight this terrible thing--hunger?  What can we do?  The knightly Obama is courageously fighting this disease by opening schools up across the country this summer to feed hungry students (with free government food, of course, which grows on nutritious government trees).  But we can do better.  The solution:

The Most Bountiful Food in Human History

The Greatest Food in Human History

Little Evidence of Health Benefits From Organic

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