Monday, November 10, 2014

NPR Morning Edition Story Today

I had to go to Sherwin Williams this morning to get another gallon of paint while their 40% sale is still on (among other things, we're building another bathroom at the house we bought).  So I get back in the van and there's a story on NPR that's already begun about this lady who is a Christian, she came from a conservative, evangelical background, her dad was a pastor of a large church, etc.

"WHY is this human interest story on NPR?"  I'm thinking.  What IS the catch? Why is there a story about a white evangelical on the news this morning?

Ah.  She's bisexual.  Got it.   I kinda figured it had to be either the B or the T but the T's have been receiving a lot of press, so it's only fair to throw in some B stories too to be fair and balanced.

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