Thursday, January 15, 2015

Too Many Old White Men at School

A reader of the blog (a faculty member at a university) chimes in with the following story:

I was in a Dean’s office earlier today, meeting about some matter, when an email arrived in her in-box detailing the following: another Dean was stepping down. Let’s call the Dean I'm in the office with “Dean.” Here is our commentary about the email starting with what "Dean" said:

Dean: “Awwww…that’s sad.”

Me: “Why?”

Dean: “Well, because she’s like the only non-old-white-male Dean we have.”

Me: “Uhhh…so?”

"Dean" then goes to her computer, looks up all of the Academic Deans and goes down the list, saying (repeatedly): “White man. White man. White man. White man…”

Me (again): “And your point is…?”

Dean (looking at me incredulously): “You seriously don’t think that’s a problem?!?!”

Me: “Nope. Not at all.”

Dean: “Yep, that’s what any white man would say.”

Me: “Stereotype much?”

Note from TB: The Dean thinks there is a problem.  Is there a problem?  Is the problem with the school or with the Dean?  What is the problem exactly?  Exercise for the reader: precisely explain what the problem is and then give a cogent argument that there is a problem here.


  1. I hope this fellow reader of your blog already has tenure, or that this Dean has no affect on the reader's tenure bid, because this person just outed himself as "not down for the struggle" and "part of the problem."

  2. What makes you think that the reader is not a gay-female-Muslim-Nascar-hating-orange-endangered-dolphin?

  3. haha. I doubt that "Dean" would have said "Yep, that's what any white man would say," if the reader was a gay-female-Muslim-Nascar-hating-orange-endangered-dolphin.