Monday, March 30, 2015

99% of Princeton Donors Give to Obama

Princeton gives new meaning to the phrase

According to The Daily Princetonian:
A total of 157 University faculty and staff members donated directly to the presidential candidates, with only two of those donations going to Gov. Mitt Romney, the records show. 
Not a surprise.  I'm all for private universities, but I won't be sending my kids to Princeton, even if they are offered a full-ride as I once was to the seminary.

I don't know if Democrats have cornered the market on stereotyping and prejudice (though there is certainly a lot of both in the Democratic party going all the way back to slavery), but they certainly haven't cornered the market when it comes to a diversity of beliefs and ideology--at least not in the ivory towers.
Though Princeton students and staff may separate into liberal and conservative classifications, Oresic said he feels strongly that political debate should be able to find a healthy middle ground, even with political donations.
“I accept the political climate that is here at Princeton University, and I feel that people ought to have a right to vote with their dollars,” he said.
I agree entirely.  We might call our shared feeling Citizens United.

This all brings to mind Robert Koons' excellent piece, "Dark Satanic Mills of Mis-Education: Some Proposals for Reform."  If you have never read the article (or read it all the way through), you should.

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