Thursday, March 26, 2015

Polyamorous Orientation?

Philosophy scholar and Christian historian Richard Carrier on his divorce here.  Excerpt:

I am polyamorous.
I have, and will continue to have, multiple girlfriends who are likewise poly or aware of my being so, and that will be the way of my life from now on. And I am going to strive from here on out to live that way as ethically and honestly as I should, working to grow and improve as a human being.
The ability to be more transparent, public, and open about my sexual orientation is a major part of what I’ve needed in my life. That, and to have to keep fewer of other people’s secrets–though I will remain bound by many, but that’s their business anyway, and not the public’s; I am choosing to be out and open about my life–and this is a matter of my own personal comfort level and consent.

"Polyamorous orientation."  It sounds so scientific and clinically sterile. (And I'd be willing to bet most boys would be diagnosed as such).

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