Monday, September 7, 2015

Conversations with Harvey Mansfield and Christina Hoff Sommers

More winners from Bill Kristol.

On Tocqueville:
On Strauss:
On lunatic feminism:

Christina Hoff Sommers: “Femininity and masculinity are real and most people, not all, but most people, many of the stereotypes are true. That women do tend to be more nurturing and risk-adverse and have usually a richer emotional vocabulary, and men tend to be a little less explicit about their emotions, emotionally flattened – we’ll say, stoical to be nice. More stoical, more competitive and they do engage in a lot of risky behavior, for better or worse. Men tend to show up at the extremes of success and failure more than women because they are sometimes more – single-minded in the pursuit of, more obsessive pursuits – more likely to do that than women. But you take gender studies and they say, ‘Oh, it’s all a social construction.’ Unless you’re gay, then they say, ‘Okay, that’s just the way they are, and then if you’re trans, I don’t know how they’re going it account for that….”

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