Monday, November 9, 2015

Update on Liberal Use of Words

Like manna from heaven (or maggots from hell), I see this today from a liberal on Facebook:


Unless like a socialist you believe in a huge, centralized government, you're an asshole.


  1. Unbelievable. Someone else can always pay.

    There are two items on here that are (presumably unintentionally) funny. The first is German college education being "tuition-free". Well, if it's free from tuition, that's why they sell it so cheap.

    The other is the government of Finland welcoming all-comers for a free education. All you have to do is learn to speak degree-level Finnish, and it's your's for the asking.

  2. There is also the fact that the government is more than generous with repayment options (not to mention grants). If you work for a non-profit, you might get all of your loans repaid by the gummit without having to pay a dime in return. And there is also the income-based repayment plan which allows you to pay very little each month if your income is low, and more as your income increases.