Friday, January 1, 2016

Leftist Tactic Exposed

As you can see, this is an obvious Democratic meme, one for which I'm thankful. Another teaching moment.  I can't remember where I first encountered such nonsense.  Perhaps it was listening to a Rush Limbaugh tirade when I was working with my Dad on a new construction or remodeling job--a welcome voice of opposition to everything else in the media I ever encountered.  Yes, Rush Limbaugh.  If you don't think you can learn anything from Rush Limbaugh, you and your peers have  probably succumbed to groupthink.  In which case, you'd probably do yourself and us a favor if you stopped reading this blog.

If you're still a free thinker (not in the atheistic sense), notice that-- and it can only mean this--not taking money (by force) from those deemed rich from the most powerful government in the world (with imprisonment and ultimately death as the sanction for opposition) means giving money.


"Giving more to the rich" means "not taking more from the rich."

Thank you for your honesty. Or do you Democrats disagree with my interpretation?

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