Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Going to a Trump Rally!

A reader reports about his trip to a Donald Trump rally:

At around midnight on Friday, I RSVP'd for a ticket to today's Trump rally in _______at the airport. I drove down to the airport, and it was pretty wild. There were tons of state police and sheriff officers, and the road was lined with people selling Trump merchandise (many of the sellers were black, I noticed).

I was parked and at the gate over a half hour before the event started, and they were already turning people away. I never made it inside. One of the sheriff officers said that the Trump campaign made 25,000 tickets available, but the airplane hanger could only fit about 6,000 people. What a douchey thing to do!

So, I hung outside the gate for a while with disappointed Trumpsters. Some of them hoped that Trump would hear word of his people getting turned away and would get them in. Across the street, protesters lined up and shouted at those of us on the Trump side of the street. I took a bunch of videos on [my wife's] old de-commissioned iPhone, but, I haven't figured out a way to get those videos uploaded to anything yet.

Basically, the protesters were almost all college aged kids, 2/3 of them were white, 1/3 were black, and they were morons. Many of them had signs that said, "Trump's a fascist", with pictures of Hitler, "Bigots", and "Fuck Trump" etc. They were fairly aggressive with the verbal insults toward the Trumpsters, who were mostly there just to see the rally, and weren't interested in being made into news items. But at the same time, they were Trumpsters, and some of them could not suffer the protesters calling them racists. I heard several shout things like "This is the only real job you've ever had!" [TB: Nice one!]  "Fuck you!" "Go to a socialist country ya buncha socialists!" All entertaining stuff.

At one point, the crowd started chanting "Trump, Trump Trump!" and the protesters chanted back "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!" Many of them held Bernie signs. The Trumpsters then started the "USA!" chant, and the protesters chanted "USA!" back across the street. I stuck around for a few more minutes and then left. I'll definitely watch the local news tonight. A guy a couple feet away from me was interviewed by a local channel.

One observation I made, however, was that these protesters were definitely the instigators. I'm now more sure that most of these fights happening at Trump rallies were probably started by aggressive protesters.

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