Thursday, June 23, 2016


Miracle of Dunkirk?

Will there always be Britain?


  1. Hoping and praying that there are enough of us left to extricate ourselves from the madness. As the immigration increases the sanity is diluted. The people who control Europe hate and fear nation-states, so they are eroding them by whatever means are available. Migration, regulation, and financial strangleholds.

  2. Do you think, though, that the parliament will vote against it even if the vote to "Brexit" is a slim majority (which is what I would guess)?

  3. That would put us into uncharted waters, but I would guess that going against the will of the people as expressed in the referendum result would be very difficult for parliament to do. Enough of them have (I hope!) the remains of a moral sense; and I could also see it leading to serious problems of future legitimacy if they did. In the UK, scepticism and downright cynicism towards politicians is higher than I have ever known it.

    Exit polls give the remain camp a small lead. Which is bad news, but on the positive side it is raining and there are floods in the south east. Remain are relying on the lukewarm conservative vote for the status quo, whereas Brexit are mainly fired-up old bastards like myself who would wade through torrents to get us out.

  4. "God blew, and they were scattered..."

    Seems like the UK ignored the unsolicited advice from your nice Mr. Obama.

  5. Congratulations. Welcome to the Revolution!