Friday, June 10, 2016

Why Xians are Becoming More LGBTQ Affirming

Benjamin Corey thinks he has the answers

More Christians are engaging with [poor, agenda driven] biblical scholarship than before.

More Christians are realizing that being gay isn’t a choice.

More Christians are aware of the harmful impact of non-affirming theology.

More Christians are seeing people instead of seeing an abstract issue.

More Christians are are [sic] siding with the message of hope– and there’s no hope in non-affirming theology. 

Well, Ben, you should have just come out and told us what you really think, namely that LGBTetc. sex is good, right, and true!  Get over it bigots!

The article is poor and the evidence paltry but go ahead and read it if you can stomach the tired clichés.  But before you do that, I'll go ahead and tell you why western Xians are becoming more affirming (note that this phenomenon is not sweeping over Christians in Africa and the East).  It's the same reason that western culture is more affirming: Hollywood (and the media more generally) which have always attracted the far left (perhaps mostly due to self-selection) and pushed the issue in the last decade and a half. 

Ellen DeGeneres
The Good Wife
Anderson Cooper
The Daily Show
Late Night TV
Grey's Anatomy
Modern Family
2 1/2 Men
Reality Shows with outspoken homosexuals (Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, you name it)
Gay couples [always well adjusted and funny] featured on TV shows regularly

I could go on and on and on and on.  In fact, it's hard to find someone or some show or movie which does not overtly or subtly promote the LGBT issue and cram it down your throat.  What you won't see, are all the flamers and swingers at gay bars.   What you won't see is the bisexual issue pushed--threeways and fourways and "open marriages."  What you won't see are "genderfucks."  But what you will see is a concerted effort to make the LGBTQQIIGetc. persons-qua-queer normalized if not lionized and glorified. 
That is the primary reason, Mr. Corey.

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