Friday, April 25, 2014

"Assault Weapons" and New York's Idiotic SAFE Act

In keeping with this blog's recent unrepentant, "right-wing-crazy," defense of a right to reasonable self-defense, I point the gentle reader to this hilarious takedown of a letter to the editor in the NY Times written by Leah Gunn Barrett, Executive Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.  Her letter is about the NY SAFE (sic) Act banning citizen defense weapons (which sometimes go by the made up liberal term, "Assault Weapons.")  The takedown is written by the pseudonymous "'Puter" who is presumably reluctant to make himself known to the Thought Police.

Anytime I hear a liberal start talking about guns I prepare myself for what is likely going to be a lecture from someone who doesn't know anything about guns, except that they are scary, and who thinks deep down (or, better, feels deep down) that they should only be in the possession of trained professionals (i.e., the government).  Ms. Gunn Barrett's letter is no exception to this expectation.

If you don't think this footnote is hilarious, or if it offends your delicate PC sensibilities, please DO NOT click on the link above:

  ** Or is it simply Ms. Barrett? Or Ms. Gunn? ‘Puter never knows with these hairy-legged, anti-choice, bigoted city dwellers. Take your husband’s name, keep your own name, ‘Puter doesn’t care. But in the name of sanity, pick one name. What’s going to happen when your only child Wilberforce Gunn Barrett marries Lesbiana Barrett Browning? Are the wedding announcements going to read “Join us in a zero carbon footprint, Gaia-centered joining ceremony for the future Barrett Browning Gunn Barrett ( or is it the Gunn Barrett Barrett Brownings)”? 

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  1. Terrific. The SAFE Act is so stupid, and so is NY State gun laws, generally speaking. I have to live with this fact. Let's start with the name. How ridiculous! I think our friend The Maverick has blogged about the propaganda names that are often given to pieces of legislation. I was going to link to a post where wrote about legislation names, but I couldn't find one.