Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tactical Walls

Janet Mackie asks, "hiding your guns in...are you/they serious?"

Yes, apparently tactical walls is a company that makes tactical wall items for storing weapons. And, really, if you believe in a right to the self-defense of one's home as well as keeping weapons locked up from children, it's kind of a neat idea (with a GREAT advertising pitch to boot).  Moreover, it's a way to impress your friends who don't suffer from hoplophobia.

One of the liberal memes is to say that people without government sanctioned training should not bear arms in a "tactical situation."  What is a "tactical situation"?  Well, answering that is tricky (and a liberal secret).   The paradigm example of a "tactical situation" is where some  untrained crazy is firing off rounds at people he doesn't know.  In such cases where said nut bag is selectively capping citizens A, B, and C, the liberal idea is that the citizen who could stop the murderer should wait until the government law enforcement officers arrive--because, again, it is a "tactical situation."  In short: untrained civilians should NOT respond to untrained murderers.

Well, for those non-pacifist types who just cannot wait for a "tactical situation" to be resolved by their own tax funded officers arriving 5 minutes into a "tactical situation," there is now this option.  Homebuilders and homeowners take note:

Amy: "That's awesome! You totally need to get one of these.  The boys wouldn't get into it but you could get to it quickly."

Malea: "We need to get one of those....for maybe books."

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