Thursday, August 14, 2014

Transgender Parents Speak Out About What Makes a Family

The press is on!  Unless there's a dramatic change in the way things are going, it will not be too long before there is a mainstream media push for government funded surgeries.  After all, it isn't fair to the poor that they can't change their bodies into whomever and whatever they want. (I do wonder, if there's a divorce, which one will get screwed out of custody: the one who now has the male parts or the one who used to?)

A few selections:
Bianca, 32, was born a boy named Jason, while her husband, Nick Bowser, 27, was born a girl named Nicole. They met and fell in love in 2009, before Nick’s gender transition, in Atlanta. (A person's sexual orientation is distinct from a person's gender identity or expression.) Eventually, they decided to start a family, and Nick, still physically female (though he would eventually undergo breast-removal surgery), decided to carry Bianca’s babies — something he described to the Mirror as being “an absolutely horrible experience for me” because he already identifed as male.

Got it??  So according to this report "he"--a man--carried a baby!  Is this the first case of this happening?? This IS a news story!
Still, Bianca said, they will explain the situation sooner rather than later, and they’re confident that their kids will be OK upon learning the truth. “If they don’t know anything different, and it isn’t presented as something negative, then there’s no downside,” she said.
That’s the right idea, according to parenting expert [COUGH, COUGH], author, and clinical psychologist Laura Markham.
Gender aside, the story of the Bowser family is fairly typical. Both parents struggle to balance child-rearing with work — Nick is a bar manager and Bianca is a popular Louisville drag performer known as Bianca Nicole — and with social time, much of it with childless friends who also work in nightlife. 
Ah, yes, the typical story of the Kentucky family whose male wife is a mother by day and drag queen by night.  I know that story well. I think we have a children's book with that same (old) story.

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