Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quiz: Are you Conservative or Liberal?

Short, fun quiz.  I was 92% conservative.


  1. 90%

    Apparently my preference for the museum over Times Square set me back.

    [Though if you asked me, there's something to be said for an appreciation of art & the past that screams "conservative", while an avid fascination with the train-wreck that is modern entertainment - i.e., Times Square - does not!]

  2. I was torn on that one, Monash. In the right mood I'd go for the museum, but today it was Times Square.
    The messy office got me--like liberals I can be an unorganized slob. Messy office clear mind, I say!

    I like variety in foods so the food question was a no brainer.

    I took the quiz twice because I'd forgotten that I've started to use Chrome most at the office and Explorer here, so I averaged my 90 and 94 to a 92.