Friday, February 28, 2014

When May I Shoot a Student?

When  you lack arguments use satire:
When May I Shoot a Student?

This piece from the apparent hoplophobe, Greg Hampikian, is a reaction to Idaho's bill removing the restriction banning guns on college campuses.  That's because the only good data suggests removing such bans does indeed make places safer: see for instance More Guns Less Crime (but even if the data isn't conclusive either way, there's no good reason for a government (with guns) to restrict freedom of the people).

About the only thing close to an argument in this piece is the following (interpreting this as irony):
In terms of the campus murder rate — zero at present — I think that we can all agree that guns don’t kill people, people with guns do. Which is why encouraging guns on campus makes so much sense. Bad guys go where there are no guns, so by adding guns to campus more bad guys will spend their year abroad in London. Britain has incredibly restrictive laws — their cops don’t even have guns! — and gun deaths there are a tiny fraction of what they are in America. It’s a perfect place for bad guys.
The problem with comparing the U.S. with Britain is that (a) the demographics and cultures are radically different and (b) there are way fewer guns in Britain because (c) they don't have anything like the 2nd Amendment.

The suggestion is that places with hard core gun control are safer.  But the evidence is the opposite.  Among other things concealed carry laws are correlated with lowering the rate of violence against women (which makes sense since women are typically physically weaker than men).  Gun-control also ups the likelihood of hot burglaries.  So, ladies, if you want an armed thief breaking into your house at 2 a.m. while you're home, move to England.

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