Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yes, Virginia, there is a Constitution

Yesterday I was listening to NPR (I think it was Diane Rehm's Friday roundup) and the talking heads were discussing the Virginia federal ruling that overturned Virginia’s ban on same sex marriage.   My interest picked up when someone quoted the judge as saying that “Our Constitution declares that "all men" are created equal. Surely this means all of us….” The NPR discussion then turned to speculations about how the Supreme Court surely won’t overturn so many Federal rulings (it would be too much overturning of overturnings I guess). 

Not a single soul, however, mentioned what I was thinking: The Constitution declares all men are created equal??  Surely she didn’t say that.  Maybe they misheard her.  Wait.  Maybe they heard correctly.  Have any of these jokers ever read the Constitution (or the Declaration of Independence for that matter)?  I wouldn't bet on it.

But sure enough, this Obama appointed Judge DID say just that in her opinion:

Pretty embarrassing coming from a federal judge (but I don't expect to hear about it in the mainstream press).  Also embarrassing for NPR that no one picked up on it.  More evidence for what I've long thought: some liberal court opinions are not bad interpretations of the Constitution; rather, they are not at all interpretations but opinions.

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