Friday, September 5, 2014

Leftist University Silliness: A Grad Student Testimonial

A grad student teaching a university writing class writes in with the following:
I'm sitting in the writing program's yearly (dis)orientation seminar (which is a waste of my time). But anyway, I'm currently sitting listening to the Title IX and disability people. They asked us to define "disability." The table of philosophers I'm sitting with basically did a collective eye roll.

So, how do the disability office people define disability?
 "We define disability as difference, not so much disadvantage. It is people who do things differently." 

Ya got that?  If you are blind you're not disabled or at a disadvantage, you're just different!  You're differently-abled.  Lose your eyesight? You can play basketball with echolocation!  In fact, the Title IX office has a team sign-up roster online for an all echolocation league!  Did you get your nose and legs cut off like the guy in Looper?  No problem!  We're all equal, just different! Here at Lefty-U., you see, we're diversity maximalists.  We take all comers, even people who are brain dead!  After all, brain dead people are people too!

Just make sure not to a bring a dictionary with you to school.  DICtionaries--as one can plainly see--are patriarchal tools for enslaving the mind into thinking that words have meanings and that some words do not have those meanings; they belie the hegemonic, Western, Colonial, cold, dualistic logic of the either-or rather than the nurturing, Eastern logic of the both-and.  So leave your dictionary at home and come hear what we think!...(that is, unless you're deaf).

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