Monday, September 15, 2014

More Media Love on Ray Rice, O.J. Simpson, Etc.

This from a reader (my comments in bold):

1. Is it really justice when the mob wants to lynch Rice, Rodger Goodell, and take down the entire NFL? Every mob member is screaming moral outrage and wants to destroy everyone in their wake. Look, I'm all for chivalry and treating women with honor and respect. I have four precious daughters and a wife that I deeply love. If a man ever slugged one of my girls and knocked her unconscious, I would want to murder the gutless evildoer. But, does that make me morally good? No! In fact, this is why we have a justice system. It's an eye for an eye, but I would want to repay death for a punch. Isn't this similar to what the media and the mob are calling for? Nobody (including Rice, his wife, or the NFL) is justifying what Rice did. But the bloodthirsty mob isn't crying out for justice....they want vengeance and want to destroy Rice and Goodell and the NFL. Please, somebody articulate for us all what a just response should be in this case.  [I may have more to say on the matter, but definitely not today.]

2. I'm wondering if race plays a role in the coverage of this issue. Let me say that I'm as tired of the race debate [or race baiting?] as anyone else, and I really don't think that race is a major factor regarding Rice and his girlfriend. However, does it play a major factor in the mob/media coverage? I think so. The one thing I've observed this week is that the Ray Rice situation is unprecedented. It is definitely the first time a famous NFL running back has been entangled in a domestic violence incident, so it's hard to know what to think about how the media should cover it. Oh wait. I forgot about OJ Simpson who murdered his wife....but other than OJ strangling his wife to DEATH, there has never been an incident of domestic violence connected to the NFL. Of course, in the OJ case, the media got caught up in the accusations of racism, a trial that was more of a circus than a representation of justice, and the white cops who were clearly bent on framing an innocent NFL running back (who fled law enforcement in his Bronco and who has since led such an upstanding life as to not raise any question about his innocence) that they had no time or concern to ask any questions about domestic violence. Ray Rice striking his girlfriend on camera is clearly much worse than OJ strangling his wife to death, and walking away scot-free. Rather than crying out for the rights of women, the mob shouted, “Cut the Juice loose.” OJ strangling his white wife was all about racist cops, but Rice striking his African American wife is clearly the result of the violent game of football. The media and the mob frame whatever narrative happens to be convenient for their liberal ideology.

3. Why is all the outrage directed at the NFL? The NFL employs a few thousand people. The criminal justice system is responsible for enforcing justice for more than 350 million people. If Ray Rice was let off too easy, is it the NFL's fault or is it the fault of the criminal justice system? Sure, the NFL employs some of the biggest, strongest, and most aggressive men in our society, so there very well may be a correlation between NFL player and incidents of domestic violence. But, it's a giant leap to think that football causes incidents of domestic violence. How about holding men accountable for the many huge evils that they commit in society, rather than spending all of our energy griping about the evils of football and a few particular football players. How about we stop letting men off of the hook for not taking responsibility and caring for their wives and children. Of course, the liberal, feminist media can't criticize men for not stepping up and taking care of their wives, because this would imply that women need to be “taken care of.” So, the whole narrative has to be framed in the language of “a man should never hit a woman.” I'm yet to hear anyone say that Ray Rice needs to take responsibility for his girlfriend/wife, to take care of her, and to provide for her. Do you want to make some real change in our society? Rather than criticizing this extremely tiny subset of men who play professional sports, how about we point our criticism at all the sissy boys in our society who refuse to step up and be men. OF COURSE, domestic violence is horrible and inexcusable. Do you know what else is horrible and inexcusable? We have a society full of boys who refuse to be men. We have a growing number of men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who would rather play video games than work. We have countless men who play the field and treat women as objects rather than getting married. We have a society full of men who would rather be children than have children, and all of these men could use a good punch in the face. The media and the mob, however, would rather castrate men than to call them to be real men. They would rather have men become like women than to see them become noble, strong, and honorable.

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