Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Black Lives Matter"

Yes they do.  But who doesn't think that?  Answer: Ugly racists.  For to think that black lives do not matter is to think that blacks do not have value.  But of course they do as do all humans. All humans have equal moral worth.  Skin color matters not a whit.  And human rights supervene on human worth.  Ergo, blacks and whites have the same human rights. 

Saying "Black Lives Matter" in the context of the Eric Garner case is to imply that people who think blacks have no value--i.e. racists--were in some meaningful way responsible for his death.  But is there evidence that, for example, the cops involved were racist and thought that blacks don't matter?  Was the black, female sergeant in charge a self-hating racist?  Should she be relieved of duty?  I have yet to see evidence that she or anyone else was a racist.

"Black Lives Matter" is an example of the leftist strategy of taking a seemingly innocent statement ("Who could object to 'Black Lives Mattering'? Who could object to "Social Justice?") and employing it as a bludgeon to advance a political end.  A hallmark of leftist rhetoric is the use of terminology that either (a) cannot fail to demand assent, (b) cannot fail to demand outright repulsion, or (c) euphemistically obscures controversial issues.  In this case, it is a combination of (a) and (c).

"Are you saying that black lives don't matter!?"  Of COURSE NOT.  "White Lives Matter."  An innocent statement...but not when said at a Klan rally!

Leftists inject race into everything.  But note that it is one thing to argue that certain policies should be changed that disproportionately hurt the black community; it is another thing to argue that a police officer committed homicide; it is quite another to argue that racism and racists are behind those policies and someone's death.

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