Saturday, December 6, 2014

Eric Garner Follow-Up Fireworks

A commenter on Twitter writes:

#1 You overlooked the fact that (a) [the chokehold] has been prohibited by NYPD since 1993.

And in response to my post and another Tweet by Mr. Goodnight:

#2 But you guys go ahead and run with it. killed himself! It’s the Immaculate Asphyxiation!

As to #1 above, there is a reason I overlooked that fact: like 1000's of other facts in the world it was irrelevant to my post.  The post was on the causes of Eric Garner's death.  The fact that the police officer used a chokehold which violates a NYC police department code was not an additional cause of Garner's death.  The chokehold was a cause of his death and at the same time constituted the breaking of a rule.  The breaking of the rule was not something in addition to the chokehold.  Thus it was not an additional cause.  Thus it was irrelevant.

Regarding #2, that Eric Garner killed himself is clearly a non sequitur.  Nothing I said in the post entails that I'm committed to the view that Eric Garner killed himself.  He did not kill himself.  But he did imprudently causally contribute to his death.  The only ones denying that are a part of the loony-left who think that victims are never to be held responsible in any way (well, if they are victims who tend to vote Democratic) and that the injustices of the world are the result of (a) actions by those in power (except for Democrats in power) and (b) racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. structures in place (e.g. policies).  But to believe that you'd need to be an idiot.

Apparently the Twitter commenter has now stopped following me on Twitter.  That's too bad.  I always enjoy a good argument.

Another lesson: Next time you hear someone calling for a national "conversation" on race, or a "conversation" on police brutality, or a "conversation" on campus rapes...expect the conversation to be one-sided and typically among people with a herd mentality.

That's not for me.  No way.  No herd mentality here.  I prefer the glorious path of unpopularity (it's right there in the slogan above).  Maxim: Never a week without political incorrectness!  

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  1. Stopped following you on Twitter?

    What an idiot. Genuinely, I can't fathom such stupidity. God forbid an ARGUMENT was actually put forward...No, that would be too much to ask. Morons....