Monday, December 15, 2014

Cosby is Guilty

Does anyone disagree?  Is there any reasonable doubt that he didn't?  What else better explains so many women of different backgrounds coming out with similar stories?  Surely they aren't all lying because of some of Cosby's political views, (otherwise, why don't we see this same sort of thing happening to the likes of Rush Limbaugh?).  Surely they aren't all lying for the money.  Surely they aren't all lying just because they don't like him because he once disrespected them in some way.  Maybe the explanation is a combination of some of all of the above plus other explanations not listed.  That's possible.  But it seems more likely to me that the simpler explanation is right: they are basically telling the truth; he drugged women and then had sexual relations with some of them.  There are too many specific details to the stories.  And if he didn't do what they alleged, why wouldn't he just flat-out deny the claims, at least those which aren't involved in past lawsuits?  He could say: "With respect to past litigants, I cannot comment.  But I will comment on all the other ludicrous accusations: they are all utterly false.  Libel recourse from my lawyers will swiftly follow."

That's too bad.  It's obviously horrible for the women involved.  That goes without saying.  But I liked the guy I knew as a comedian, a lot (and so did my family including my kids).  It's hard to imagine.  Well, it's sort of not--not if one believes in depravity and has read Plato's Ring of Gyges.

Of course everyone can be forgiven, but first comes confession, apology, and (where need be) penance.

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