Friday, December 12, 2014

Race Relations Under Obama

Before Obama was elected, I predicted that if he were elected, in spite of his rhetoric, race-relations would turn out to be worse or at least appear to be so.   Turns out I was right.

Why did I make that prediction?  Because now that America has chosen to elect a black president (how racist can America be electing for itself a black president??), leftists who makes a living on race baiting and infusing racism into EVERYTHING, will have to go to new and extraordinary lengths to "find" racism and racial problems in America.  They will have to double down on their hunt to "find" racism where no one thought to look before.  They will have to dig deeper.

So it's no surprise at all that people think that racial problems are worse, when it turns out there is racism even where there isn't.


  1. A couple of friends of mine, who are a mixed-race couple, have opined that perhaps the racial element of Obama's election might have been more helpful if he had been simply acknowledged as the first mixed-race President, rather than emphasizing his Blackness and perpetuating the distinction between Blacks and Whites.

  2. Joseph,

    Well, I think it would have helped IF Obama would have presented himself as equally both white and black. Instead, at almost every opportunity he identifies himself as black and plays up his lame "victimizations" of the past (e.g. he was once mistaken for a valet). That's because he's a leftist and he and others would be out of a job if he were to focus on the truth, namely, present racism is not the main or even a significant cause of the poverty/criminality in black communities. He and others can't say that because then they can't be the heroes who rob from the rich to give to the poor.