Friday, May 2, 2014

7th Day Adventist Spambot and Blog Statistics

In the two and a half months of this humble blog's existence, it has received 3691 page views--not bad at all, but I'm nowhere near being able to take over the world.

My guess from all the statistics provided is that there have been anywhere between 150-200 unique visitors and there are probably about 50-60 regular visitors.

There have been 67 comments (probably 1/2 of which are my own).

Most interesting statistic: Of the four people who I don't know that have commented, three of them have been against my annihilationism posts (some making it to my Gmail but not making it to the blog and one just last night)!

How do these people keep finding this blog?!  (Look, I'm happy to have them visit, but I'm just curious how they are finding it!!)


  1. Interesting. So, what counts as a page view? If I come to your blog and then click on several different entries, does each click on an entry make a new view?
    Just because I was curious, I decided to good "arguments against annihilationism" and your blog made the first page of the google search. It was the seventh one down, so it isn't too big of a stretch to imagine a random person out there who just happened to be interested in annihilationism doing a google search and landing on your post.

  2. So, what counts as a page view? I don't know for sure. I think that if you would go to the main page, then click on a title of a post so that you're not just on that page, that would be two visits. That's my assumption from looking at the data but I'm not sure. I assume that a regular visitor will have several page views a day even if I've only posted one time.

    Interesting about the google search. However, I think it's probably likely that google search brings up my blog on the first page for your because it knows you've visited it before. My guess is that if you go to a computer (say) at a library and try it again that it won't be on the first page. But I would love for that to be wrong. I would love to be the anti-annihilationism guy. If I thought that were possible I'd dedicate a post a week to it...just to irritate 7th Day Adventists.