Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is the Possible Presidential Candidate, Ben Carson, Dangerous?

Somehow I'd not heard about Ben Carson till very recently (my wife was shocked when I told her this), either that or I'd forgotten.  But just the other day I heard an advertisement backing him for President and since then have read or listened to several attacks by liberals against him.  "So who is this guy?" I wondered.  He must be dangerous for liberals to be attacking him this early, since he's practically a political nobody.

Ah, now I get it.  He's BLACK and CONSERVATIVE.  He IS dangerous.  For there's little liberals fear more politically than if blacks start voting Republican.  And from what little I've read or heard so far, the guy is sharp and would make quite a candidate.

According to one of MSNBC's liberal fools, Libiot Toure, the fact that Republicans are backing him is just evidence of their racism.  Rush Limbaugh has a nice reply, but the best response I'd offer is Adam Carolla on reparations (prompted by the infamous article in The Atlantic) and America electing a black president.  Watch the whole video (it's worth it) but only if you're prepared for a few choice words.

If Carson can handle himself in a Presidential debate like he does here, then the liberal establishment should definitely be afraid:


  1. I like Carson alright, except that he's a Seventh Day Adventist. But, that's better than being Mormon, or going to Jeremiah Wright's church!

  2. JS,

    I did know that he was a 7th Day Adventist, but that's far superior than being a Mormon. Given that he grew up as a 7th Day Adventist, it's more excusable.

  3. Is the possible fat man in the doorway thinner than the other possible fat man in the doorway?

  4. Is the possible fat man in the doorway more dangerous than the other possible fat man in the doorway?

  5. These are all interesting questions, Tullius.

  6. Hardy-har-har, Willard Van Moron Monash.