Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grad Student Testimonial

Unless you're going to seminary, here is the sort of thing to look forward to in graduate school where the vast majority of professors quaff kegs of leftist Kool-Aid.   This from a philosophy grad student:

Today I read your blog post on Sterling and the NBA, thought it captured what I've been thinking perfectly, and thought about posting it on my Facebook page as a thoughtful thing for people to engage. But I didn't do it because of my fear that people will make bad, unfair judgments of me that could *truly* damage my reputation. I used to occasionally post political stuff, usually conservative, but I've all but quit. I've been to enough philosophy dinners etc. where I've heard philosophers absolutely shred other philosophers over Facebook posts like that.  So, I've entered a phase of life where I keep most of my political/cultural comments to myself. Basically I'm in the front half of the tunnel, the other end of which is receiving tenure...The liberals that I fear are not Christians; they are my professors and they will write my letters of recommendation. As far as I know, they like me. I'm not giving them any reason to change their opinion unless it's very important.
So, I basically only post Facebook things that I know either everyone will feel like me about, or lots of people won't care anything about. So, I post about sports, fun stuff that I'm doing, or maybe a picture of [my daughter].

[One of my professors is] one of the most antagonistic atheist/secularists I've ever met. His mother home-schooled him for the purpose of ensuring that he DIDN'T experience God in any way, through public school or anything. Anyway, he is a bisexual who is engaged to marry a woman. The "marriage" will be open. He has told many of us that he is active in [our city's] dungeons culture, which apparently is one of the most robust in the country (I really didn't care to know that, but I do now). He has kinda come on to one of my Christian buddies. 

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