Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will There Be BBQ in Heaven?

Is there not only hope of a resurrected body, but hope of a resurrected pig that we can eat a second time?  That is one thing that Memorial Day got me to thinking about.

Vegetarian Stephen Webb argues that there will be animals in heaven but we will not eat them.  Bill Arnold is not quite so sure.

Let's go ahead and suppose for the sake of argument that passages like Isaiah 11:6 rule out all death in heaven, including animal death.

Still, there is hope.  Perhaps a deep sleep will fall upon a pig, we will be able to take out one of its ribs, close up the flesh, and form a whole rack from the one rib.  The pig will then grow a new rib, sleeping soundly all the while.

How fanciful is that story, really?  If we can grow meat which tastes like 'an animal protein cake' from stem cells, surely we could make tasty ribs in heaven (presuming there are some scientists in heaven; the Bible is less clear about that).

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