Wednesday, October 21, 2015

All-Gender Bathrooms on Campus

A reader sends a link to more lunacy from bastions of higher indoctrination.
In an effort to further erode traditional sex and gender norms accommodate members of a diverse University community, several River Campus restrooms have been reassigned as all-gender. To date, 16 restrooms have been converted to provide single-stall, all-gender accessibility, and University Facilities and Services is currently evaluating other single-use type restrooms that may similarly be converted in future months.
John Cullen, coordinator of outreach for the Susan B. Anthony Center, noted that the LGBTQQIAAPG Advocacy Committee formed this past spring to provide leadership on enhancing the LGBTQQIAAPG climate at the University was very instrumental in moving this initiative forward. And this past spring semester, the Students’ Association Government adopted Resolution 13, which advocated in part for individuals of all gender identities and expressions to have access to safe and inclusive restrooms.
Apparently Rochester didn't get the memo from the University of Toronto.

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