Saturday, October 31, 2015

Firewood and Philosopher in a Small Town

I have spent several days the past couple weeks with the family cutting, splitting, and hauling firewood.  There is not much more satisfying, raw, physical labor if you ask me.  Getting the kids involved is now half of the joy.  The other half is being in God's country practicing basic survival skills necessary for the animal half of the rational animal.

As a youth, part of me enjoyed this same labor in which my kids are now participating.  But the animal part hated it, since it was a diversion from doing what boys do when not being made to work, grow up, and be a man.

Alive and well doing good work.  And to think that I'm pitied by academics like this!

I'm tempted to return the pity in kind.  But it's Saturday, and there is football on TV in this small town.  And I'm dog tired as they say.

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