Thursday, October 29, 2015

Church Sign in Town

Several days later...

The Rogers must feel loved (and perhaps liked...a few days ago).

Can one be loved without being liked?  It seems so.  I could love you in the sense of promoting your well-being without liking you.  If I love my enemies, I can will to promote their good even if I do not like my enemies (because, for instance, they are evil and unjustly desire my destruction.)

Can one be liked without being loved?  This is less clear, but, again, there seems to be a type of love which admits of a lack when one is liked.  Perhaps I like you because you are friendly and have amiable qualities, but I do not will your well-being.  Maybe even though I like you, I am selfish and care more about myself than you. Or perhaps I am confused and, even though I have a loving affection towards you, I fail due to ignorance to act in a way which promotes your well-being.  You are liked but not loved (at least according to my outward actions.)

Much more can be said. At any rate, better to be liked and loved than either liked or loved (in the exclusive sense of "or".)

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