Friday, October 30, 2015

Go PC On Halloween!

Not sure what to wear for Halloween?  Go PC!
From the government website  (This means that people have been forced to pay taxes for this or go to jail.)  Hilarious isn't it?!  What will they think of next!


Halloween may be dark and spooky, but you can bring some (renewable) energy to the party as a sleek, shiny photovoltaic solar panel. Just cover the cardboard with cellophane, secure the edges with duct tape, draw on a grid of silver contacts, and presto! You’re a critical piece ofAmerica’s clean energy future and the fight against climate change. Wear your sunglasses at night for added sustainable swagger, but please, resist the urge to climb onto any rooftops.
BONUS: Have a friend dress up as the Sun and spend the night basking in his or her glow.
  • Cardboard
  • Dark blue or black cellophane
  • Silver permanent marker
  • Duct tape
  • String


You are a creature of the night. You lurk in the shadows, draining the power of the unwary. No energy bill is safe! Far scarier than the stuff of Dracula or Twilight, energy vampires are home appliances and electronic devices that suck electricity even when they aren’t in use. This Halloween, unplug all the unused phone chargers in your house and attach them to yourself for a costume that will fill your friends with terror while saving you money.
  • Black cape
  • Plastic fangs
  • Lots and lots of charging cords
  • Tape


Afraid to wear white after Labor Day? Don’t worry -- clean energy never goes out of style. For this majestic costume, cut out three “blades” from a piece of foam poster board and attach one to each of your arms. Cut a hole for your face in the third, and wear white clothes or an old sheet to complete the look. You won’t produce electricity, but at least you’ll generate conversations wherever you go, so why not impress your friends with the fact that U.S. wind energy prices reached all-time lows in 2014, or that wind could provide up to 35% of the nation’s power by 2050?
BONUS: Add inflatable ankle floats or an inner tube to take your turbine offshore!
  • Foam poster board
  • White clothes/sheet
  • Scissors/knife
  • Tape

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