Thursday, October 15, 2015

General Disclaimer about Facebook Shares

Hear ye, hear ye.

Let it be known forthwith to all of sound mind and body (or at least partially sound mind) that any Facebook share from this source is not necessarily something that I believe is either a necessary or contingent truth, in whole or in part.  If I share something, I might believe that what I share is false but think that it provides an interesting social commentary due to its source and falsity; I might think that it is merely possibly true or that it might be true; I might think that it is mostly true or entirely true.  So the interested reader might need to inquire further and not believe simply on the basis of my authority (an authority to which I am not in the habit of appealing.)  This proclamation applies retroactively.  Interested readers who disagree, who agree but generally dislike me and have a penchant for an ad hominem, or who like me but enjoy giving me hell are free to leave questions or comments in the comments section.  (This also applies to Twitter retweets mutatis mutandis).

Tully Borland, on the Day of our Lord fifteen and two-thousand years, on the fifteenth day of the tenth month.

All posts and shares also come with the following:

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