Monday, October 27, 2014

Are Do-It-Yourself Projects In Decline Because Today's Men Aren't MEN?

According to the article here, more men can't (or won't) do the basic repairs around the house that men of the past once did.  The author avers that perhaps this is due to there being fewer masculine men.  (See Jo Metrosexual to the right looking at his abs in the mirror as he...vacuums).

None of this is true, however, of this man writing this blog post.


Yet, undeniably, today’s 20- and 30-somethings don’t seem to possess your traditional “dad skills”. The dismal fact that a mere five per cent of 18-24s would attempt to unblock a sink doesn’t bode well for humanity – unless you’re a plumber.[For SHAME!]

Men [have been] clamouring over themselves to be seen as anything but sexist.
But as we lost our rough edges and took on more of what had traditionally been regarded as female roles, no one really stopped to question whether equality for women came with a cost for masculinity. If everything overtly “masculine” is dismissed as sexist, what’s left of men is, arguably, sexless.
You see this behavioural androgyny everywhere, from the increasingly corporate and sterile football terraces to the Croc-wearing househusband on the school run.
In an age where we’re expected to Hoover, iron, change nappies, make a woman climax for four hours like Sting and cook like Jamie Oliver, old-fashioned pursuits like DIY have become quaint, self-indulgent and almost shameful.
The result is that many modern men are more like our mothers than our fathers, while the opposite is true for women, who are increasingly wearing the trousers.

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