Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Comedian Aziz Ansari: Everyone Should Say That They Are Feminists

Check this clip out from Letterman.  The feminism equals political egalitarianism meme is trending.  Feminism is trendy.  If you want to be part of the pop culture, political, university establishment you must say that you are a feminist.  Those poor, poor ignorant (or misogynistic) people who did not clap when asked who in the audience were feminists.  What were they thinking?

"It is not enough that you obey Big Brother.  You must love him."

If feminism=egalitarianism, then by parity of reasoning, masculinism=egalitarianism.  But then by the transitivity of identity, feminism=masculinism.  So if someone asks you if you're a feminist, and you're an egalitarian, just say "Yes, I'm a masculinist" for they are the very same thing.

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