Monday, February 9, 2015

Colbert Destroys Atheist Physicist Lawrence Krauss

Somehow I had never seen this Colbert interview from a few years ago, so this is a belated post.  Krauss has written a book wherein he tries to defend the view that the universe literally came from nothing.  The trouble is, as numerous people have pointed out, his nothing is really a something (quantum vacuum states), so he hasn't really defended the claim that the universe came from nothing.

The funniest part is towards the end.  After baiting Krauss into admitting that he thinks there is no God, we can extract the following argument from the astute (and clever) Mr. Colbert:

1. The universe came from nothing. [Krauss premise]
2. God does not exist. [Krauss premise]
3. If God does not exist, then God is nothing. [Implied]
4. Thus the universe came from God.

Colbert is a comic genius. (He studied mostly philosophy in college until his theater career began to take off).


  1. Nice! I need to watch more Colbert. Hahahaha

  2. Thanks for you comment, Will.

    Although I often disagree with Colbert's politics (he's a Democrat as one can easily tell by watching the show) he is fairly fair-minded. Especially before he began pandering to his more left-wing audience, he was "fair and balanced" with his humor. Perhaps I'll post one of my favorite clips in this regard in the near future.