Monday, February 16, 2015

Gone Girl

I finally watched it.  Two thumbs up.  It's a dark psychological thriller with a surprising amount of humor.  Very well done.  Long, but there's never a dull moment.  It's almost two movies seamlessly tied together.  Congratulations are in order to Affleck for learning how to act over the last few years.

A few critical remarks and spoilers below:

The only egregious error that I found was the fact that the main character left the hospital covered in blood (if you've seen the film you know what I mean).  I realize they did this so she could dramatically wash it off at home in front of her husband, but no one will go to a hospital covered in someone else's blood and not have it washed off!  DUMB.

Minor quibbles: I wasn't convinced by the police officer's excuse for why the wife's murder couldn't be investigated.  Lame.  There were just way too many pieces that didn't fit and the film (a) shows us that they don't fit and (b) that the cops realize they don't fit.  For starters, there's the fact that she has to be able to account for all the days she's not shacked up at the (SWEEEEET) "cabin" in the woods which the surveillance video would show.  So instead of going after this psycho to bust open the most awesome crime story in the world...meh?   (And I don't greatly fault the filmmakers here since the movie is already well over 2 hrs.)

My hunch is that the book makes the explanation more believable for why the cops don't do anything.   Partly that is based on the fact that toward the very end of the film the wife tells the husband that she still needs him to claim that he purchased all the items on the credit card, etc.  That only makes sense is there are people who are seriously still on the hunt and think she's a murderer.

At any rate, very entertaining.  I thought the way it ended was perfect.  [P.S. I have removed all the box cutters from my house.]

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