Monday, February 2, 2015

My Son Samuel, the Moon, and Heavenly Bodies

Talking about seeing the moon, sunlight, the earth's relation to the sun and moon....

Samuel [6-yr-old]: Dad, suppose that you are at the edge of the earth and...

Me: There is no edge of the earth, Buddy.

Sam: Well, if you are at the edge...

Me: There's isn't any edge, Sam, well, depending on what you mean by 'edge.'  The Earth is round.  It's a sphere like a basketball. 

Sam: Like a basketball?

Me: Yeah, the Earth is shaped like a basketball, so there is no edge.  There's just a surface like on a basketball but that surface has no edge.

Sam: Is EVERYTHING shaped like a basketball???

Me: You mean in space?

Sam: Yeah, in space.

Me: More or less.

Sam.  Wow, everything is shaped like a basketball.  Wow.  What about the moon?  Why is it in pieces?

Me:  Huh?

Sam: Why is it in pieces?

Me: What do you mean it's in pieces??

Sam: Well, sometimes its shaped like a "C".  It's sometimes a piece of a ball.

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