Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Daughter Vs. Lawrence M. Krauss

My daughter (Malea) and I were listening to Michael Feldman's What'dya Know? show on NPR yesterday, and Feldman had on physicist Lawrence Krauss to discuss his book, A Universe from Nothing (the show might have been a repeat). I mentioned Krauss's book and his atheism recently.

So we're listening to his views on the universe, and I hadn't commented on anything except  briefly to say a few things about the curvature of space-time in response to Malea's question concerning whether it was true that the universe is curved.  Krauss is going on and on about "nothing" and apparently Malea had finally had enough:

Krauss [I'm paraphrasing]: "One of the great mysteries is that if we remove all the matter, radiation, energy, and so forth from a region of space so that there's nothing there, the nothing still weighs something."

Malea: "That's because there's SOMETHING there!!"

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