Friday, February 27, 2015

The Dress

What two colors do you see on the dress?

Serendipitous that I should come across this today.  We were talking about Descartes' skeptical arguments in Intro to Phil, and a student came up to me after class and presented me with an inverted qualia argument she had been thinking about. [I should add that "The Dress" doesn't seem designed to raise the inverted qualia argument in particular, though it certainly brings to mind issues about qualia more generally].

For what it's worth, the dress appears to me as gold and white (a bluish white to be exact and brownish gold).  In better lighting conditions it would appear to be white and gold.  Definitely not blue and black.

1 comment:

    This is the link to the original dress that was posted on a girl's tumblr page. I will agree that the lighting is off, which caused all the commotion in the differences in people's eyes.
    This is the same dress but in a better lighted situation, one where there is not the flash of a camera/bad lighting causing the colors to become distorted. The actual dress was in fact black and blue.