Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mysterious Are God's Ways

A nice illustration from Alexander Pruss followed by interesting comments.  I reproduce the illustration:

Imagine an ordinary decent person who is omniscient. Her actions are going to be rather different from what we expect. She would take what would to us be big risks for the sake of small gains, simply because for her there is no risk at all. Her stock portfolio is apt to be undiversified and quite strange. If we live in a chaotic world, then she might from time to time be doing some really odd things, like hopping on one leg in order to prevent an earthquake a thousand years hence. There would be bad things she would refrain from preventing because she saw further than we into the consequences, and good things she would avoid for similar reasons.
Now add to this that the person is omnipotent. And morally perfect. These additions would presumably only make the person stranger to us in behavior.

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