Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Obama's Grammy Award Winning Lies

Obama is a demonstrable liar.  To lie is to assert something as true which one believes to be false with the intention to deceive.  Obama has no qualms about lying.  And yet what we still continue to hear is the "Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction" moral-equivalence-meme which I have never once seen an argument come close to demonstrating as true.  

Here is Obama, at it again at the Grammys:

"Nearly one in five American women are the victims of rape or attempted rape."  20% of American women have been the victims of attempted rape. That is demonstrably false (as is the claim that one in five females in college have been the victims of rape).  No one in his right mind should believe it and yet here is our President on national TV disrespecting the nation with callous falsehoods. The President is not so stupid as to believe it.  As we're reminded anytime the President brazenly violates the Constitution, "he is a Constitutional lawyer."  He lies.  His ends justify his means.

Here is a good example of why affirmative action undermines its own goals.  According to many, we need affirmative action because blacks (etc.) need role models who look like them in positions of power and authority.  So it's OK to overlook certain qualifications to get people into those positions since the end justifies the mean.  Numerous Americans (whites, blacks, etc.) overlooked Obama's qualifications and voted for him because he is black.  And now we have the role-model-in-Chief, a serial liar.

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