Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Professor SLAMS Lying Student Over "Dead" Granny

[HT: J.W.] 

A professor wrote the following to a student who said, 'grandma died' to get out of an assignment.  You can find it here.

Dear Student:
So here’s the thing: Your granny is going to die. She’s most likely going to go quietly into the dark night, in her sleep, of old age. However, there is the slight chance that the high blood pressure she’s had for years might catch up with her or, worse, she might have a heart attack or stroke. Then there’s that pesky hip surgery she had last year and the insidious, undiscovered infection that has been festering in her body, coursing through her blood stream, slowly shutting down the functioning of her organs one by one. Of course, she could also just be walking along a street, minding her own business, and out of nowhere a city bus jumps a curb and runs her and her dog, Laura, over.
Appalled yet? Devastated? I hope so.
I sincerely hope you find my entirely-too-vivid description of all the ways your precious grandmother can and might die just as appalling and inexcusable as I find your faking her death in order to escape being accountable for the work you chose not to do. I hope you see how it would take a soulless, life-suck of a person who lacked both character and integrity to say such horrifying things without an ounce of compassion or—wait for it—truth.
Then I hope you make another choice. One that includes taking the “L” (and my “F”) and owning this tragic, yet totally predictable, mistake. In the meantime, let Granny live to die another day.
Come again.
P.S. You’re 19. Your granny is 57. Stop it.

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